Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday, November 3, 2019

I was not feeling well and did not go to the beach today. A lot of our swimmers were going to be at the Morro Bay Tri today, so the crowd was probably thin. If someone did show and will send me a swim report I'll get it posted. 


MB Tri Report from Leslie;

Hi Niel

Here are some shots from the Morro Bay tri   We See Johnny  John Hampsey and Maria there But I didn’t get pics of them   Maybe Heidi did?  My team was Heidi's husband Dave in the Hawaiian shirt ( our team name was team aloha) and Sarah Donahue who id never met bride but she said she’d like to swim with us at Avila   John hampsey finished strong and with a smile on his face and we cheered him in!

Tom’s Blog for Sunday November 3rd 2019.

It was a beautiful fall day at Avila – clear, blue skies, a light breeze, and a refreshing crispness in the air. 

Swimming today were Duke and Tom.  Tom and Duke.  That’s it; just the two of us.  We headed out and around the first buoy on the eastside and on down to the fourth buoy.  After a quick check-in, we swam around Avila rock and back in via a route of our own choice.  The water temp was probably around 56 +/- 1 degree at various spots.  There were some kelp beds scattered around, but nothing too route altering.  It was a good swim on a beautiful day.

Meanwhile… at some point, Theresa, showed up.  She swam the buoy line a couple times and around the Avila pier at least once.  Theresa, as has become her regular choice of late, swam bareback. 

And finally, congrats to the folks who did the Morro Bay Tri.  Team Aloha placed first (Leslie swimming, Dave, Heidi’s husband ran, and Sarah biked).  John Hampsey solo’d and came in strong.  Apologies to any folks I missed (this is all I know about at the time of this writing 😊). 

Thanks for the information!
I wish that I'd been at one of those events. Pesky bugs!


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