Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022


At 7AM Avila Beach was 56°, calm and felt like it was going to get warm. The water was 57°, and flat with nice swimming conditions. The waves were small and the water's surface was almost flat.     

A couple of triangles around the buoys and the end of the pier got me my 2 miles and one hour.   

The swimming has been really nice at 7, just that much more ahead of the wind. 
John Lindsey had a nice article in the Tribune this morning about how windy it has been this spring. He checked the records at Diablo and there have been more wind gusts over 40 MPH this spring than at any time since record keeping began at the power plant in 1976. That fits with my experience, especially how bad my hay fever has been this year.

I'll be back Thursday at 7 for another go.


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