Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday Evening, September 29, 2010

Wednesday nights swimmers were Ryan, Niel and Rob. I got a water temperature of 60 degrees off of the right side of the pier. There was a mild offshore breeze that was blowing from Avila towards Port San Luis and some big long swells that I could see moving through the water all of the way out at the end of the pier, but they were only making an occasional 3+ foot wave. Perhaps the shape of the swell was wrong for this beach? Other than a few pelicans and gulls, there were no birds and no seals. We swam an easy, and short mile, which was fine with me. I just wanted to get in the water and loosen up my shoulders after a day at my desk, Ryan is starting to taper before the Scott Tinley tri next weekend and Rob, our real ironman, was looking to 'do something easy' after completing a 10 mile solo swim in La Jolla on Sunday. That's right, 10 miles, in 4:42. I'd still be passed out on the couch. Anyway, we went in on the left side of the pier, crossed under and swam to the last buoy at the creek. There was a BIG temperature change between the two sides of the pier. How the water can change 4+ degrees in 50' is a mystery to me. From the last buoy we swam to the end of the Avila Pier, where there was another big cold spot, and retraced out course back to our starting point on the left side of the pier. It was a beautiful evening at Avila with a great sunset and after the hot weather getting in the water felt wonderful.
I'll be out of town this Sunday. Rob is getting caught up on work but will try and make it to the beach for Sunday's regular swim. If you see him give him an bit att'a boy!


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