Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday Evening, September 8, 2010

It was Rob, Ryan and myself this evening. There were low clouds and fog at Avila at 5 PM. Visibility was about a half mile but varied considerably. I could not see Fossil Point or the rock from the beach but in to opposite direction the hills behind the port were clearly visible. It was perfectly still and the water was so flat there could of been lane lines out there. What waves there were were about knee high and I did not see any birds or seals. The water temperature was 58.5. Since the fog was thinner between the Avila and Poly piers we decided to go that way and planned a couple of stops for route checks in case the fog decided to move in. We went in on the right side of the pier and swam down the buoy line to the creek. The lack of sun made the water feel more like 55 to me. things looked good at the buoy so we headed over to the second crossbars at the Poly Pier. We could just see the end of the Avila Pier across the way so we stayed on our proposed route and swam to the end of the Avila Pier. This leg is about .4 mile so combined with the super smooth water conditions I was able to let my mind go and just think about my body position and my stroke. It was very help full that I am now much better at swimming in a straight line than I was when I started swimming in the ocean. At the end of the Avila Pier we were in the middle of four Pale Kai outrigger canoes who were forming up before heading out on their evening workout. We exchanged greetings and we headed in along the west side of the pier. About half way in the sun came out and quickly burned off the fog. It is surprising how much warmer I felt in the water with just the late day sunshine on me. This swim was just over a mile and I had us in the water for 35 minutes.
Afterwards Kris and I had dinner at the Mercantile and at 7 PM the fog and clouds had completely gone leaving starry sky's.
Rob is going to Chicago this weekend to swim the Big Shoulders 5K. I'll be at Avila on Sunday.


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