Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday, April 5th 2013 at Lopez

It was a windy one on Friday night! The wind speed toggled up and down throughout the course of the evening but it never stopped. We had 4 swimmers (Rob, Penny, Brad, and Byron) and one land locked kayaker. We brought the kayak out but it was so windy Allison would have had no chance to actually keep up with the swimmers in the water.

The group started by swimming to the north corner of Mallard Cove. We negotiated the rest from there. Byron and Brad swam to what I'll call Dead Branch Beach (that has a nice ring to it yeah?) while Penny and I swam about a third of that distance. When we all turned around to swim back that's where things got interesting. The wind was really blowing outside the cove and there was a lot of chop to contend with. The wind was coming across us at an angle and you had to aim about 30 degrees to the right of where you wanted to in order to hold the line you wanted. It was pretty fun and challenging. Once we made our way around the point to get back into Mallard Cove the wind was at our backs and the swim in was much easier.

Afterwards we hung out a little bit while the sun went down and the wind whistled through the tops of our bottles. Not a bad way to end the work week :)

Rob D.

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