Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wednesday Evening, April 10, 2013

The ocean was a bit messy this evening, perfect for a real ocean swimming experience.  It was sunny and clear with a gusty wind out of the SW.  The ocean surface was a mix of small chop and wind waves.  The water temperature was 53.  Swimming this evening were Niel, Curtis and John.  We went out on the west side of the pier, turned right and swam parallel to the beach towards the creek.  This would turn out to be the leg with the toughest conditions.  I wasn't swallowing any water but the current was strong enough to make me think I was in one of those endless pools.  The buildings along the shore just weren't moving much.  Everybody was enjoying themselves enough that at each stop we decided to do more so we wound up doing the triangle route covering 1.1 miles in 38 minutes.  The water felt significantly colder than 53 degrees.  Maybe a combination of the wind, current and wave action was pulling up water from the bottom.  As we were approaching the pier on our  last leg Rob caught up with us.  He had be delayed at work but made it to the beach.  He had his hand plane with the GoPro camera attached and was doing some body surfing. 


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