Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday, August 11. 2013

We had great conditions and 15 swimmers today.  The waster was 58 degrees and there was a light wind and a slight chop.  Lots of fishermen on the pier but I saw only 1 or 2 pelicans and no seals.   Swimming today were Sylvia, Yvonne, Duke, Tom, Niel, Katy, Sam, John, Mary Ann, Stephen, Lee, Rick, Byron, Susan and Gerry.   Most of us did the route in the plot covering just over a mile.  The rest of the group stayed on the buoy line.  We kept to the east side of the pier because the water quality on the west side has been poor all week.  You can check out the weekly water quality testing results from the County's sample that is taken on Monday at and the Thursday sample from the Surfrider Blue Water Task Force at .  Sharley, Rhonda and Dave and Lisa Van Mouwerik joined us after the swim. Sunday was Dave and Lisa's first day back from Sweden where Dave completed his 20 mile swim of Lake Siljan.  ( ).

Next Sunday Rob has organized a field trip for us to swim with the Kelp Krawlers in Monterey. Their Sunday swim begins at 11:15 at Lover's Point.  You can check out their Facebook page at
It looks like we will have a nice turnout.  We'll get something posted on the Central Coast Open Water Swim group.  Here is what I know, which is most certainly not complete; probably going are Niel and Kris, Byron and Sharley, Rick and Rhonda, Brad, Rob and Allison, Duke, Dave and Lisa, Penny, Judy and ...?   Rick and Rhonda and Byron and Sharley are riding together. Niel and Kris and Rob and Allison are talking about going together and Duke has room in his car.
Next weekend is when the Monterey Historic car races are held so leave some additional time for extra traffic in town.  If you are interested in rare, exotic and expensive cars but don't care to pay to attend any of the official shows, on Sunday you can walk the streets of downtown Carmel and amazing vehicles both on the streets and parked at the curb.


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