Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday, August 4. 2013

We had a huge crowd of swimmers today; Rick, Duke, Sylvia, Yvonne, Rob, Katelyn, Casey, Amy, Sam, Katy, Byron, John and a friend who's name I messed, Gerry, Niel and Brad.  That's 16 people in the water with Rhonda and Sharley running, Kris walking and Jenny hanging on the beach.  The overcast looked pretty think but the wind would come up and it would clear before we got out of the water.  The water temperature was 56.5.  There was a yacht race under way in the bay and while Byron, our resident sailor, assured us that swimmers do have the right of way over boats, today was a day to stick close to the beach.   The route was down the buoy line towards Fossil Point, then back to the mouth of the creek on the other side of the pier and then returning to our starting point.  The sun came out and a SW wind picked up around the time we regrouped at Fossil Point and we found ourselves working into a surprisingly difficult chop on the way back that was stronger once we crossed over to the windward side of the pier.  I kept looking for whitecaps but couldn't see any to account for the way I was swallowing water. Just one more mystery about the ocean.  Everybody was not going to do the entire route and with this many swimmers I didn't keep track of where who dropped off, but everyone did end up back on the beach.  In any case, the complete swim was about 1.3 miles and 47 minutes in the water.


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