Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Evening, August 7, 2013

Avila Beach was sunny and breezy with small to medium chop coming out of the SW.  The water temperature was 59.  A few fishermen on the pier but no signs of bait fish in the water. Niel, Mark, John Siegel and Marie swam and Marie's friend Amanda was in the kayak. Between the four swimmers we had three routes; Niel and Mark did the triangle counterclockwise, Marie swam out and back around the pier and John did the first half of the triangle with Niel and Mark, came in along the pier with Marie and then swam along the buoy line to meet up with Niel and Mark who were coming the opposite direction.  The three of us came back towards the pier and in.  We stayed away from the buoys that were closest to the pier in order to avoid fishing lines.  We covered just under a mile in 38 minutes.
We had a surprise appearance by Allison Bayne waiting for us on the beach when we got out. She had temporarily escaped from retail purgatory to soak up some good vibes at the beach.   
Hope to see her back again soon.


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