Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

We had the best little swim ever!

It was Rob, Niel. Duke and John.  It was overcast, but dead calm, the water was flat, very clear and 60 degrees.  Duke, John and I had used up our legs Saturday on our bikes (separate rides) and John went and ran something like 14 miles Sunday morning or so we were looking to get stretched out with a nice easy swim. Rob was in for whatever. We went in on the west side of the pier thinking that a counterclockwise triangle was a possibility.  The water was nice and the swimming conditions were about a easy as they could be, the sun even came out when we arrived at the end of the pier.  While we were discussing our next move there were several wistful looks towards our chairs on the beach so that is what we did.  We swung wide towards the second buoy in line to avoid the fishing lines.  The water was clear enough that I could see sunlight reflecting off of the sand on the bottom when I stopped at the buoy.  We covered about 7 tenths of a mile.  Duke said that we had done one of our shortest swims on just about the best swimming day ever.  Hey, everyone was smiling when we got out of the water and that is what I call a good day at the beach.


Sorry about the wimpy plot.  Finis has not been able to figure out how to let me log in to my account. 

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