Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

It was beautiful at Avila Beach today, both in and out of the water. Duke was up for some distance which was good with most of us so we plotted a one and a half mile route. It was comfortably warm on the sand with no wind and a flat ocean. The water temperature (over at the port) was 58 degrees. Swimming today we're Duke, Niel, Tom, Leslie, Sue and Danielle. Sue is from London, England and is visiting her lad who is attending Cal Poly.  She swims year round, without a wetsuit, at Hyde Park in a body of water called The Long Water/The Serpentine that is about 1.3K long.
 Our route was to swim to enter at the pier, swim to the left end of the buoy line, to the end of the Avila Pier, over to the third crossbars on the Cal Poly Pier, in along the pier to the second crossbars, and finally back to our starting point at the Avila Pier and in.
 Duke, Sue and Danielle as we're forming up at the first buoy.
Tom, Sue, Duke and Leslie and Danielle at the left end of the buoy line. 

 The water was nice and clear.

Duke, Sue Tom and Leslie at the Cal Poly Pier. 

The water temperature was all over the place today, warm near the shore, cold at the buoy line and then all over the place. On the leg to the Avila Pier and over to the Cal Poly Pier we were moving in and out of relatively warm and cold spots almost continually. I'm estimating that the total swing was 4 to 5 degrees.   
When we finished up I had 1.67 miles and Duke had 1.5. I don't know what happened there. I also had 9 minutes more than Duke but I record my total time in the water and he records swimming time.

Sue, if you are going to join us next Sunday I'll bring my kayak. If the conditions are favorable and you want to do a single Martini I'll accompany you. We can also just go for a swim. Post a comment to the blog and let me know.

Note, since the Avila pier has been closed I cannot get out to take an accurate water temperature at Avila Beach so I'm quoting the water temperature that is reported by the NOAA station in Port Harford, about 1 mile to the west.


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Sue said...

Hi All
It was really fantastic joining you last Sunday - I loved it and will definitely come back again. Sadly I can't make it tomorrow, but what a great offer to swim the Martini and I'm excited to do it in the future with you. Happy swimming tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you all and do keep in touch with me if any of you fancy some UK swims at any point, Yours Sue