Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015

We swam 1.23 miles today in nice conditions. The water was 59 degrees with waist high waves and a swell that was spaced far apart. There was no wind and the visibility was good. Sylvia and Pete swam the buoy line. Niel, Duke, Marcus, Rick, Damion and Tom did a modified triangle; down the buoy line to the left, out and around an anchored catamaran, to the end of the Avila Pier, on to the last buoy at the creek and back to our starting place. 

Tom is always thinking of fun things to do and he has a proposal for a 2.27 mile point to point adventure swim. The route is out to the end of the Avila Pier, to the end of the Cal Poly Pier, over to and around historic Smith Island and to the beach at the base of the Harford Pier. We'd do this sometime in the next few months.,We are polling interest from swimmers, support paddlers and help with shuttling cars if necessary. Indicate your interest by responding to the blog or catch Tom or myself at the beach.  

I found this with a bunch of other old postcards and stuff.  That is Pete Kelley and his original restaurant on Front Street in the Old Avila. This is probably the late 70's or early 80s', after he did his successful Catalina Channel Crossing. What a handsome studly dude and the food was great and you could go next door to the original Barbara's By the Sea, sit at the the longest bar in SLO County, order a beer and Pete would bring you your food.

The Old Avila was funky but very special.

And, a big Thank You to Rhonda for donating the swim safety device and dry bag to the Avila Dolphins. This is a dry bag that is designed to be towed by a swimmer. It is intended to serve two functions; it is big and bright so it increases your visibility to boaters etc., and you can place food, clothes or whatever you want to take along but keep dry on a open water swim. Though not designed to, it can also provide some flotation in an emergency. 


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