Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

We had a nice group today with two guests from Southern California. Dena (and Eric) from Pasadena and Courtney, from Redondo Beach (?) were visiting the Central Coast and joined us. Courtney does tris and has been swimming for two years. This was Dena's first ocean swim. The rest of the group was Niel, Amy, Sara (with Ben and their daughter on the kayak), Heidi, Duke, Karen, Jim, Jonny, Maria and Pete.
Jonny, Pete and Maria get extra double points for having run the City to the Sea Half Marathon this morning before coming to the beach to swim.
It was overcast and cool at 10:30 but the sun came out as we began swimming.  The water was 58 degrees with medium red tide.
The plan was to start out on a clockwise triangle, which would give our Southern California swimmers a chance to get comfortable and to complete the triangle for a mile or, if anyone was interested, to add in some additional distance.
Dena swam the first leg to the end of the buoy line and back to the pier, which was great for a first ocean swim.
At the creek buoy Niel, Jim and Maria chose to swim over to the Cal Poly Pier and back, adding .6 mile to their swim while the rest of the group returned along the buoy line to complete a 12 mile swim. 

I think that the white cap is Courtney, don't know who is in green,
Ben and daughter in the kayak.

Dena, Sara, Heidi, Karen and a white and pink cap.

Courtney and Duke at the end of the Avila Pier. 

Jonny, Heidi, Ben  and someone in a yellow cap.

Courtney waiving to HIllary to prove that she made it to the swim.
Hillary had lined her up with a weekend of epic riding and swimming. 

Jim and Maria at the Cal Poly Pier.

With the leg over to the pier we covered 1.61 miles.

There will be a swim Wednesday evening, in the water at 5:30. That is just about enough time to do a mile in before the sun drops behind the hills. There will not be many more evening swims, just whatever we can manage before the time changes on November 5th.


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Courtney said...

Thank you so much for having me Avila swimmers! Please let me know to whom I can send my photos.