Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Gray, cool, 5'+ sets, closing out, no wind, strong swell from the SW, 56 degrees but felt colder. 

I told John Hampsey, our resident professor of the English language, that I would write a Haiku about today's swim but didn't quite get there.
Swimming today were John Hampsey, Jonny, Amy, Heidi, Niel, Duke, Karen, Maria and John. This was John's first time swimming with us. 
John H., Amy, Duke, Karen, Maria, Heidi and John 
forming up at the first buoy

Heidi and Karen at the end of the pier.

Duke at the end of the pier.

Maria at the end of the pier.

Our last evening swim of the season will be this Wednesday, 11/1, at 5PM.


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Unknown said...

Here's a haiku for Sunday;

Crushing waves stand guard
a sentry to calm beyond
dive underneath wrath
natures force ripples over us
friends feel alive