Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

We had beautiful conditions today; sunny skys, light wind, a small chop, very clear 55 degree water and 10 swimmers; Jim, Niel, Duke, Heidi, Karen, Tom, Leslie, Jonny, John and Maria. The big plan was to go out to the first buoy by the pier and east to Fossil Point, back to the fourth (last) buoy on the east side, diagonally to the end of the Avila Pier and from there either in to the beach for about 1.2 miles, to the last buoy on the westside of the pier at the mouth of San Luis Creek and back along the buoy line to our starting point and in for about 1.5 miles or over to the Cal Poly Pier, back to the mouth of the creek, along the buoy line to the start and in for about 2 miles. 

Grouping up at the first buoy, Jim, Maria, Jonny, Karen, Duke's arm, 
Tom, Leslie, John and either Heidi's or Maria's hand

After last weeks not so successful underwater photos Tome suggested that if Jim and I held onto the buoy's anchor chain he could get a good underwater shot. 
Photographer buoyancy seems to be just as much of a problem.  The water was sure clear for Avila Beach. 

Tom and Niel


Niel, Maria, Duke, Leslie and Heidi

Leslie, Tom, Karen, Maria, Heidi and Duke.

I won't be swimming next Sunday so Duke and Tom will orchestrate the swim and John will write the blog.


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