Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday, June 23, 2019

More June Gloom and the Introduction of a New Swimmer

Avila Beach was in full June Gloom mode this morning; thick gray overcast, maybe even a little spitting, about 55 degrees with a calm and flat ocean and with a warm water temperature of 59. As the water warms the visibility fades away and we are down to being able to see your feet and that is about all.
Swimming today were Heidi, Niel, Amy, tom, John, Jonny, Maria, Peter and AnneMarie
AnneMarie would do a short swim on her own. The rest of the group felt like doing about a mile and the familiar triangle sounded just fine. 

That is Peter and Tom getting in.

Tom and Niel at the forth buoy on the left of the pier. 

Niel swimming past Tom

Niel, John, Morgan and Jonny White with Huxley White, at 2 months our newest swimmer, Amy and Kevin Clark, Heidi, Maria.

There is a rumor of a new swim format, possibly begun by Heidi, Maria and Niel; In the water at 11 as usual for a mile to mile and a half swim, out, lunch, back in for a lap around the Avila Pier in the wind chop, bareback.


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