Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tom's Smith Rock Swim

Tom's Blog from Saturday July 20th:  Smith Rock Report

The Smith Rock swim.  Today’s swim went from our usual launch point, to the end of the Avila pier, out to the Cal Poly pier, and across to, and around Smith Rock, finishing at Fishhead Beach at the base of the Hartford pier – 2.3 miles.  See route below.   Niel and I last did this swim in April, 2016.  On that occasion the water was 51 degrees – very cold!  Today’s water temp was a more suitable 55-56.  The ocean was glassy calm with a solid marine layer above – classic summer time conditions.  My paddler Bryan and I completed the route in just over an hour – about 62 minutes.  It was good swim. 

Picture attached is: Fishhead beach with Smith and Whale Rocks in the background.  You can see how calm and glassy the water was. 

NOTE: The red funk is back in town.  FYI. 

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