Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Kiss The Whale Swim

Tom’s Kiss the Whale report: Saturday February 22, 2020

While the Nevadans were caucusing Tom Lorish and Niel Dilworth were setting out to complete the third jewel of Tom’s 2 ½ Milers – Kiss the Whale – Avila Beach open water swimming. 

As the last rain drops soaked into the beach, Lorish and Dilworth began their swim at about 9AM departing from the Old Port beach public boat ramp – the “dog beach” – heading straight to the mid-point of Whalers Rock.  Niel’s safety paddlers/ escorts were Jim & Sue in a tandem, and Gigi in her rental; Tom was escorted by paddlers, Bryan and Chris.

Once the rain, cleared, it transformed into a beautiful winter day on the Avila coast – scattered clouds, deep blue skies, and excellent swim conditions.  The water temp was somewhere between 55-57, with a mellow roll in places.  Upon arrival at Whalers, it became quite clear, no one would be kissing this part of the whale – Lorish made his mark on Whalers beach a bit west of the rock, Dilworth ventured to within four clam shells from the barnacle encrusted Whalers rock, and called it good. 

The swimmers concluded the swim at Fish Head beach, and were enjoying breakfast 27 minutes later at The Custom House. 

Dilworth used this swim as his fund-raising swim for the Food Bank – he raised and impressive $2,017 for our local SLO food bank.  Well done, Niel! 

A good day.  Special thanks to paddlers, Jim, Sue, Chris, Bryan, and Gigi. 

The get in. We had a contingent of the Sheriff's Dept. Ocean Rescue Team on hand. 

Winter in Avila Beach, NICE.

Sue, Kris (my wife, taking photos) and Jim almost ready to push off.

Our route.

Sue and Jim on the way to Whalers Rock 

Jim and Sue with Smith Rock


Tom, kissing the sand at Whaler's Beach

Niel, almost done.

Jim and Sue, Niel and Gigi
Thanks for the wright up Tom


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