Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10th 2012

We had a good crowd out for a good swim this afternoon. The weather was decent - warm with a breeze, water was 53-54ish according to my laser thermometer, and there was a swell but things weren't too rough out in the water. Swimming today we had Duke, Byron, Dave VM, Amy, Monte, Monte's friend who's name I've unfortunately forgotten (sorry!), Sylvia, Yvonne, and Rob. From the beginning we split 2 ways. The main group started with intentions of swimming a triangle, while Yvonne and Sylvia set off on their own course.

Based on the spread of speeds and experience in the main group we made some changes to the original swim. At the far buoy we turned around and swam back to the first buoy nearest the pier and then we swam over the top of the pier. From there the group swam down the pier to the buoy line on the other side and split into 2 groups. Rob, Duke, Dave and Byron turned down the buoy line while our other 3 swimmers made their way straight in to the beach. Out at the creek buoy we came across a few glass beer bottles, I carefully tucked them in between the suits I had on and swam them back down the buoy line, under the pier and into the beach. I'm sure it looked a little odd when I came back to the beach in a pink speedo with 2 empty Coronas in hand :) The group that swam longest got in 1.5 miles, and the other half of that group swam about 1.2 miles.

We've got our regular Wednesday swim planned this week, along with that Niel and I are looking at test swimming a new spot during the week to feel it out before we do any workouts down there. We'll let you guys know how it goes and if we've found a viable bonus swim spot.

Rob D.

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