Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 13th 2012

We had a pretty "warm" Wednesday this week, 56.6 according to my thermometer, but there was a wind blowing out of the west that negated a lot of that tropical wonderfulness. There was a current running right to left across the beach from the wind and a fair amount of wind chop out on the water. Before getting in I spotted a jetski in the distance carving back and forth out past the pier. Our plan was to swim the triangle starting on the right hand side of the pier but depending on the jetskier's location we left the route open to negotiation.

3 of us got in to swim, Dave and I in skins and John in a wetsuit. We were greeted in the surfline by a patrolling seal. The first leg down to the creek buoy was pretty rough and the swim to the tip of the pier wasn't too much better. When we regrouped at the pier our jetskier reappeared and was motoring in our direction. We tried to get his attention and wave him down just to get confirmation that he knew we were there and would go ahead and try not to kill us. This was pretty unsuccessful. After drifting a ways from the pier with the current we gave up and resumed our swim. I asked some people up on the pier fishing to keep an eye out and if it looked like a jetski was going to come run us all over to go ahead and yell at him for us. Dave, John and I swam in a fairly tight triangle to the next corner of the triangle with a little backstroke mixed in to look back and make sure we didn't have any uninvited motorized guests en route.

We wrapped up our swim with a leg down the buoy line head first into the current and then a right hand turn to the beach. I stayed in a few extra minutes looking for little waves to bodysurf since the water was so comfortable and I didn't want to get out just yet. All told the swim was about 1.2 miles. 

Next swim is Sunday at 11am as per usual, see you guys on the beach!

Rob D.

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