Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday June 24th 2012

Avila Beach was in true form today; the PSL buoy was reading 57.4; and the sun was shining. We were momentarily akimbo, realizing that Daddy Warbucks and The-Keeper-Of-The-Records would not be roughing out the Swim Plan for us.  We recouped quickly, though, and crafted a Plan of our Own.  
The boys (Duke, Byron, Dave) swam the buoy line and kept right on going until they bumped into a sort of rock-surrounded alcove at Fossil Point.  There they hung out for a while, thinking what good fortune they were enjoying, to be able to undertake such an excellent outing in their backyard.  From there the boys headed to the end of Avila pier.
Meanwhile the girls (Sylvia, Yvonne, Kamber) had started a bit after us, and they swam the buoy line also, and then headed out to the end of the pier.  As we approached the end of the pier, they were just pushing off from the  pier’s end, retracing their steps back to the last buoy, then back along the buoy line.
So the boys pushed on  to the fourth  buoy in front of the creek, and then zipped along the buoy line, through  the pier, and back to the first buoy  on the east side of the pier.  Here the boys and girls met up, and swam in together.
According to Byron’s GPS unit, the boys swam 3,000 yards, and I’d guess the girls swam about 1,800+ yards.  
I should mention this: while Byron, Duke,  and Dave were talking and treading water at the base of Fossil Point, they talked about the intended swim on fourth of July.   They concluded that it would be excellent to get an 8:30 am start on the fourth, so that the group can be in and out of Avila Beach before the Independence Day celebration is in full swing.

Dave VM

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