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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Rob Dumouchel Birthday Swim Extravaganza
In recognition of his progressive creep into the 30's Rob wanted to swim a crazy (his word)  long time today.  He planned to start at 9 AM and swim until 1 PMish.  The course was going to be either the Martini course which is a 2.2 mile lap around Avila Bay or the 1+ mile 'Big Triangle'  that we often swim which is made up of the complete buoy line and with legs to and from the end of the Avila Pier.  Rob had put out the call for anyone who wanted to jump in for any part of or multiple laps.  The day was a great one for swimming; sunny after a little overcast at the beginning, clear and flat(ish) 54 degree water and no wind until noon.  No seals, otters, dolphins or other critters. Rob's friend Beth was going to paddle for the entire swim. He started out at 9 on Lap 1 with Lynn Anderson and Byron for company.  Byron stayed in for Lap 2. Lap 3 was solo. On Lap 4  Niel and Ed took a turn while Kamber (who has not been in since last summer) did half of the buoy line.  Lap 5 was also solo.  For Lap 6 and on into a partial Lap 7 Duke and Dave VanMouwreik jumped in.  Rob called it a day after 3 hours 45 minutes of swimming and was smiling when he got out.   There was a post swim birthday party so I do not think that Rob's post event recovery has progressed to where he has posted the photos and distance information on his web site;   Sylvia and Yvonne swan the buoy line on their own.
Strong and offshore winds are predicted for Tuesday/Wednesday so watch the group site for any last minute changes in Wednesday evening's swim.  
I was not on the beach for Rob's entire swim so if I have made an error about who was swimming when please let me know. 


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