Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20th 2012

The water keeps warming up! My laser thermometer is no where near as accurate as Niel's, but I got a range of about 58 to 61 from various readings. I believe the lower end of that. The water was brisk but pleasant. We had light winds and a fair amount of chop if you were pointed in the right directions (the end of the buoy line on the east side to the tip of the pier was the worst). Three of us got in the water to swim a triangle in the clockwise direction... and then I got out... I forgot my goggles on my chair! I ran back to get them as Dave VM and John swam to the first buoy. Once I was begoggled I angled for the end of the buoy line from the beach and met them there. We took long pauses at each turn today since there was no real pressure to keep moving since the water was so nice. We finished with a swim under the pier to the buoy we started at and then a left hand turn back to the beach and a little bonus body surfing.

I'll be off in LA getting ready to crew for a friend's Catalina swim this weekend, I hope you guys have a good Sunday swim without me!

Rob D.

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