Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday, June 16. 2013

It was sunny and double warm at Avila Beach.  The air was in the upper 70's and the water was a balmy 59 degrees.  There was a little wind but it was coming from several directions.  Swimming today were Gerry Gross, John, Brad, Niel, Dave, Sylvia, Yvonne, Leslie and Tom.  Allison was on her kayak, Big Red and Mark was paddling his long board. Rob and Byron hung on the beach.  Dave wanted to do about 2.5 miles, a double triangle with maybe some extra thrown in.  Some of us were interested in hanging in with him while others were going to go shorter.  The first lap went well. There was a small chop but it didn't seem to have a lot of direction.  At the end of the lap John, Brad, Sylvia, Yvonne and I dropped off while Tom and  Leslie hung with Dave.  Gerry was on his own route at this point.  On the start of the second lap the three studs went all of the way to the end of the beach before turning towards the end of the Avila Pier.  This made the second lap 1.3 miles, so they covered almost 2.4 miles.  By the time everyone was out of the water the wind had dropped away and the ocean's surface smoothed out.  Rhonda and Sharlie arrived, having run to Avila. 


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