Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Evening, June 6, 2013

Surprise! It was calm in town but very windy at Avila Beach at 5 PM.  There was a strong, steady wind out of the WSW with whitecaps inside the buoy line and 1' wind waves.  The good news was that the wind waves were not break and the water temperature was up 2 degrees from Sunday to 56.  Niel, Mark and Brad were swimming. Marie was going to paddle her surfboard and Rob wanted to get some more time in with his new Darth Vader style kayak.  The front end looks kind'a like a stealth fighter and the rear has two catamaran style pontoons.  It is designed for fishing and is very stable but will work great for escorting a swimmer.  We were going to do the familiar triangle route, stop halfway at the end of the pier, see how much fun we were having and maybe change our plan.  The water looked pretty gnarly so we weren't sure what swimming was going to be like. There were some fishermen on the pier and the wind was taking their lines way off towards Shell Beach so we decided to start on the windward (west) side of the pier.  The conditions were messy and changeling but not over the top.  I was able to stick with my regular breathing pattern of alternating sides the entire time.  I was not into doing combat against the water. I just stayed relaxed and tried to feel everything.  It wasn't fast but I did do a good job of keeping my head down in spite of the chop and  had a nice swim.

Dave Van Mouwerik and Casey will each be attempting to complete a Triple Martini Swim this Saturday.  We plan to have swimmers in the water at 8:30 and finishing 11:40 to 12N, depended on water conditions of course.  Come on by and support them at the finish.

Does The Water Really Feel Cold?
Check out this Minute Physics clip and learn why we do not really 'feel' cold water.


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