Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

It was just about a perfect day for swimming at Avila Beach today.  The air was warm but not too hot, the water was 60 degrees, there was no wind and the water was about as flat and glassy as it gets.  A pod of dolphins did a drive by while we were getting ready but otherwise there was nothing else out there swimming or flying.  Swimming today were Duke, Niel, Linda, Brad, John, Kim, Gerry, Rick, Hank, Casey, Sylvia and Yvonne.  Rob decided to do some body surfing in the 2'+ surf.  Sylvia and Yvonne started early and went east along the buoy line.  The rest of us did the same and continued to the end of the Avila Pier.  John, Linda and Kim headed to the end of the buoy line at the mouth of the creek while the rest of us swam to the second set of cross bracing on the Cal Poly Pier.  We came back to the end of the buoy line at the creek and along the buoys to the Avila Pier and in. That was about 1.4 miles for our group in a total time of 50 minutes.  The water was great!  The temperature varied up and down a bit but it was beautiful for swimming.  

Neither Rob or I will be at this Wednesday's 5:30 swim.  We are both doing our Avial to Pirate's Cove swim on Thursday morning.

No map today.  I showed up at the beach with a GPS unit that had a flat battery.


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