Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, June 1st 2014

On this sunny and sparkling Sunday, there was a larger than usual gathering since our day was in honor of Rob and Allison, who are leaving next week for Humboldt. Joining us for the swim was Dave VM, our long distance marvel, and Mark on his paddle board, and Chad, and Duke and Amy and Sylvia and Rob and myself. And, as a special maritime bonus, Alison in her white kayak. Unfortunately, our Dolphin coordinator, Niel, could not make it because of illness.

By collective proclamation, the water was deemed a chilly 55 degrees; there was moderate to strong chop and low rolling swells. Because of a boating event, we chose to keep clear of the pier and headed south along the buoy line, continuing all the way to Fossil Point. Dave, Rob, Duke and Chad actually touched the rock and briefly meditated beneath the ancient igneous cliff. We then returned along the buoy line, some eventually cutting diagonal toward the beach and others continuing to the pier and then in to shore.

More folks were waiting on the beach to salute Rob and Allison—(Rhonda, Mike, Cassie, Dale)  We all enjoyed a wonderful eclectic potluck feast—quinoa and croissants and donuts and sushi and potato salad and muffins and some nearly visionary blackberries and strawberries supplied by Chad. And we toasted Rob, our demigod warrior of the sea, and Allison, our vigilant virtuoso of the kayak. Though they will be living in Humboldt for the next couple years, in their minds eye they will be with us, inside that special dimension that is Avila.

--John Hampsey
June 1, 2014

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