Friday, June 20, 2014

Wednesday Evening, June 18, 2014

I couldn't swim this evening so this swim report is kindly provided by Amy Hewes.

Bridget, Kim and Amy went out on the right side of the pier -- there was a strong leeward (I think) chop, so we wanted to swim with it on the way back. Kinda a bumpy ride going out. Swam to the last buoy, then back under the pier to the last buoy on the south/east side. The water was very warm, maybe 59, and even warmer in the last 200 yards coming in. Beautiful light. Very compatible group! We stopped regularly to check in with each other. Bridget is pretty new to ocean swims, so while we considered going to the end of the pier, the chop dissuaded us. But we were perfectly satisfied with the route and swim. I notice a difference in going at the end of the day as opposed to our Sunday morning swims -- I'm looser, maybe, and the warmer water made it feel relaxed. Very pleasant!! 

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