Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Evening, June 4, 2014

Avila was beautiful this afternoon and it was especially nice for me being back at the beach, now fully recovered from a dose-e-do with a G.I. virus.  I was sorry to have missed seeing Rob and Allison here on Sunday but we did enjoy a long lunch today.  It was sunny and comfortably warm with a steady easterly breeze.  There was a small swell out of the SW combined with a steady current and small wind chop running parallel to the beach from east to west.  Yvonne, Niel and Kim swam. Sylvia was getting over a bug and sat out. She is swimming Alcatraz this Saturday.  We all swam down the buoy line into the chop, turned around and cruised back.  Yvonne, without a wetsuit, did three buoys while Kim and I did all four.  I had not measured the water temperature but I would estimate it at 55 - 56.  After my forced rest swimming felt really good.  I expect that I will be back to my regular distance this Sunday. 


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