Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday, June 8. 2014

Duke's 2 Mile Swim

Duke showed up with the idea of going 2 miles today. It had something to do with his blowing off his Master's workout earlier in the week and wanting to make up for it today.  Well, that is as good a reason as any.  All he had to do was convince Rick, John Hanse and myself to go along.  The water temperature was 57 with a steady wind with wind waves and chop out of the SW.  We figured out a route that was about 2 miles and headed out.  Returning from Fossil Point along the buoy line was a job that got tougher when we came through to the other side of the pier.  I did see John Hampsey at the second buoy. He had arrived late and swam on his own down to Fossil Point and back to the Avila Pier.  I was getting water over my head and swallowing some occasionally.  The leg to the Poly Pier was directly into the wind, current and chop so it was the hardest work but easier because the conditions were the least difficult to deal with.  We were all a bit worn when we got to the Poly Pier but thinking how the swim back would be was what got me through all of the work it took to get there.  Swimming back with the current was fun and fast.  We all had a great time.

Sylvia Glenn Kicks Butt at Sharkfest Swim -
Sylvia Glenn did the Sharkfest 1.5 Mile Swim yesterday. She competed in the Women's No-Wetsuit group and finished first, and, at 76, the only person in her age group. Her next oldest competitor was 58.  Way to show them Sylvia!


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