Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday Evening, June 25, 2014

I worked late on Wednesday and did not swim.  This report is from John Hampsey.

Wed. June 25, 2014

When Amy and I arrived at 530pm there was no one else there. But as we entered the water around 545 Kim and Bridget were exiting from their swim. They had gone in early because of evening engagements. The water was fairly calm with slow rolling swells and very warm; we figured at least 63 or 64 degrees! Conditions were spectacular—no fog, very warm air (warmer than in SLO), bright sun, and an uncrowded relaxed beach. Amy and I swam the buoy line south and continued just short of fossil point. We had sited a bird on the water and decided to swim to the bird, but the undisciplined animal kept moving! The return north was a startling challenge because we were going directly into the glaring bright sun and could not site anything. So we swam by instinct which resulted in Amy heading out to sea and me heading towards shore. After a few hollers, though, we met up at the pier, went under it, and continued north three more buoys toward the creek. We then took a 4 minute Zen break to do some floating on the water; the conditions were nearly visionary, and the water dream-like. After we snapped back into the world of three dimensions, we headed back to the pier, under it, and on in to shore. Total distance-- 1.3 miles. Not sure how long we were in the water, but probably about 45 minutes.

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