Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday, July 16, 2017

On Friday that was a credible sighting of a 10' shark (what species?) over at the Olde Port Pier, 2 miles away.  We planned a swim without too much concern.  The plan was to swim parallel to the beach to Fossil Point, then to the end of the Avila Pier, to the last buoy at the creek mouth and back to our starting place. That would be about 1.5 miles or 2400 M. It was sunny, warm and calm with very clear water and 2 foot plus waves. I recorded a water temperature reading of 64 F or 17.778 C in shallow water, so we were looking at 60+ outside the surf line.   It was looking like a very nice day for a swim. 
We had 17 (!) swimmers. I hope that I got everyone's name down correctly; Niel, Duke, Jeff from New Zealand, Dave Van Mouwerik, Heidi, Amy (back from an extended backpacking trip), Sydney, Sam, Steve from Bakersfield, Maria, Pete, Jeff from San Luis Obispo, John, Jonny, Pallakka from Brazil, Tom and Leslie Lorish. 
As we were wading in one of the lifeguards told Duke and John that a (the?) shark had been sighted in the same location on Saturday.  The no wetsuit part of the group had already started for our from up point at the last buoy towards Fossil Point so we held a swim conditions update when we all got to the buoy. Everyone decided to continue to the point. From there part of the group headed back along the buoy line while the rest continued on the original route.  

 Duke saying the S word at the last buoy.
Duke, Amy, John, Sydney, Maria(?), Pete, Sam, San Luis Jeff
 San Luis Jeff, Jonny, Leslie, Heidi
Steve, Dave Van Mouwerik, Pallakka, Jeff from New Zealand

Jeff, Tom Lorish and Duke at the end of the Avila Pier. 

When we arrived at the buoy at the creek mouth we met most of the group that had come back along the buoy line. They had continued under the pier and met up with us.

This was one of the nicest swims I have enjoyed in a long time. The water was comfortable, flat and clear with a great group of people to swim with.

Heidi is will miss this Wednesday evening, Maria is a maybe, I'm planning on coming. How about Duke (come on, leave work early) Brenda or Amelia?


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