Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017


I can hear Fall's footsteps. Costco has Holloween stuff and Trader Joe's is starting to fill with all things pumpkin, and there was a hint of fall at Avila Beach today.  It was sunny but comfortably cool and the water temperature, at 59.5, was below 60 degrees for the first time since July 9th. Last summer we had very few 60+ days so this summer's warm water has been a treat, with one day at 66 degrees which is warm indeed for the ocean north of Point Conception.  59 degree water is still pretty comfy for the Central Coast but today was a reminder that we will be back to water temperatures in the mid-50's around the holidays.

In the water today were Sylvia, Niel, Paula, our only skin suit today, Karen, Duke, Amy, Hilary, Heidi, Tom, Maria, Pete, Jonny, John, Pete Kelley and Gerry Gross. Jonny's friend Shawn joined us in his kayak.
There was almost no wind, the water was pretty flat but with patches of red tide.
We had some dolphins along the buoy line before we got in. 
Today's swim was the triangle clockwise with a Cal Poly Pier option.  Niel, Hilary, Heidi, Karen, Pete and Maria did the additional 1/2 mile over to the CP Pier and back.
There were a lot of seals with us over at the Cal Poly Pier. 

Hilary and Karen at the Cal Poly Pier

Heidi and Shawn. It is nice to have a paddler along. 

Karen, Hilary, Pete and Maria. 
Ready to start back from the Cal Poly Pier.

A number of people have asked me how long the Avila Dolphins have been swimming at Avila Beach. Steve Snyder was the group's beachmaster and record keeper when he talked me into breaking from the pool and showing up at the beach. He provided me with this tally of the first swimmers beginning in 1991.  
There are a lot of familiar names here, most of which we have not seen in some time, but Paula Donnelly and Pete Kelley swam with us today.
Sylvia tell sme that there were other informal ocean swimming groups prior to 1991, but that no records were kept. 

We will swim Wednesday evening at 5. 


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