Friday, September 8, 2017

Wednesday Evening, September 7th, 2017

Wednesday's swim report is by Heidi

Swimming tonight were Hillary, Maria and Heidi.  It was sunny and air temp around 72 F. There were swells from the south and a strong current and steady breeze out of the west, creating some chop.  The Port reported a water temp of 62 F but it felt a little warmer.  We decided to go head on against the current first, so entered the water on the west side of the pier, swam to the first then to the fourth buoy.  From there we swam to an anchored boat.  It was a bumpy and fun ride on this side of the pier.  

Then we had a nice smooth push to the end of the pier and to the fourth buoy on the east side.  Back to the pier along the buoy line and we finished our one mile swim as daylight was fading.

Cheer on Maria and Hillary as they tackle the Santa Cruz triathlon this weekend.  They won’t swim with us Sunday but the three of us gals plan to swim again next Wednesday, toes in the water at 5:30 instead of 6, due to the shortening days.

Local open water swimming legend Dave Van Mouwerik successfully swam Lake Tahoe the 'short' way on 8/28. His report follows: 

Just a heads  up  that  the  swim  went  well.
A couple hours in  darkness, then sunrise,  then  about four more hours.
Had a great crew that performed  well:
Tom Linthicum  the boat pilot
Cathy Harrington the observer
Gill  Hulse who observed the observer
Mark  Holmes  the kayaker
Uneventful swim,  no  winds,  flat water,  69 degree water temp
5 hrs 51 minutes; 10.5 miles
The Viking swim  is  a natural  route,  from  Cave Rock Landing  to  Vikingsholm-in-Emerald-Bay
1. pre-sunrise, kayak with  glowsticks,
2. Dave and Mark angling  towards Emerald Bay
Dave Van Mouwerik

What a great spot to swim.

Dave also has a successful south shore to north shore crossing, a distance of over 20 miles.


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