Monday, September 25, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Route map from Heidi

Today's swim report is by Amy.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The group—Amy, John, Jonny, Karen, Heidi, Hilary, Sue, and Sarah, plus kayak support from Ben and Mackenzie—were met with balmy conditions, clear water (a nice change from the red tide of last week), and a less frenetic and not over-populated beach scene. It was rather glorious on, in, and by the water.

Water temp definitely foretold fall: 56 degrees (John said we could round down to 55.) But the sun glinting off a very slight northwest current made it seem warmer, except for that initial shock of entry and after a mile or so in the water.

We swam to the first buoy, under the pier to the last buoy on the north, out to the Cal Poly Pier crossbar, back to the top of Avila Pier. Karen, Sue, and Hilary comprised the “fast” pack. While some swam directly into shore from the top of the Avila Pier, others added meters with a visit to the sailboat anchored beyond the second and third buoys on the south side. Heidi clocked this swim at 1.3 miles.

We hope to see Niel and other regulars return next week, after conquering godknowswhat Herculean athletic feats.

Oh, and a squadron of sea lions shadowed us between the piers—Ben and Mackenzie counted 13! 

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