Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wednesday Evening, November 1, 2017

The Last of the Evening Swims for the Season

The switch back to 'normal' time this coming weekend will put an end to our Wednesday evening swims as it will be too dark too early for anyone with a regular work commitment to complete a swim before darkness.

It was a beautiful evening at Avila Beach with the sun behind thin clouds, no wind, knee high surf, a medium current parallel to the beach from right to left and 55 degree water.  NIel, Heidi and Maria swam down to Fossil Point and back.

Heid and Maria getting in
Heidi and Maria at the point.

Heidi and Niel at the point.
Heidi and Maria getting out with the 
rising moon over Maria's shoulder.

I'll be at Avila on Sunday rain or shine. A majority of our usual group will be doing the Morro Bay Tri so the swim group will be thin. 


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