Sunday, January 14, 2024

Sunday, January 14th, 2024


At 10:30 Avila Beach was a nice place to be. It was 55° with high thin clouds so it would switch between sun and shade. There was a light variable wind, the surface of the water was a mix of small chop and swell. The surf was 2 to 3 foot with an occasional 3+ footer. Since the offshore wind was down I had expected/hoped that the water temperature had come up a few degrees from yesterday's 50°.    
Before I got in I saw Tom L. and six women from Poly's water polo team finishing their swim. They had gone out to the Avila Rock. Tom said that it was beautiful out there and he thought the water temp was in the low 50's. 
I decided to do two big triangles. Getting in and started I thought that the water was a bit warmer than yesterday morning but the measured temp was dead on 50°, so the 'bump' was due to sunshine and an air temperature that was 20° warmer than yesterday at 7AM, and possibly some mental attitude jiu jitsu with my expectations.

I swam for an hour and a half and with the cold I was pretty done when I got out, which is what I'd expect for myself with a 50° water temperature.  With no wind and sunshine I was much more comfortable getting changed than I was yesterday and warmed up a lot faster.

Walking back from the showers I met up with Peter Kelly. I had not seen him in a while. We talked for a while and got caught up.
There is just a chance of rain Friday and Saturday so I'll be swimming Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 and Sunday at 11.



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