Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday, September 3rd, 2012 Labor Day

This was not the last swim of the summer for us!

We had a nice crowd today and conditions that were a lot like yesterday.  the water was 1 degree warmer at 57.5, still nice and clean but with a wind chop out of the SW.  The surf was larger, with sets of 3 to 4 foot waves.  Swimming today were Niel, Rob, Dale, Sylvia, Susan and her friend Marta, Bonnie and Duke!  Allison was paddling her kayak and Danilu was with us on her SUP.  There were a lot of people fishing from the pier so we decided to begin like yesterday; out to the buoy line and down to its' left end, where we would decide what to do further.  Sylvia and Bonnie decided to head to the end of the pier while the rest of the group went back along the buoy line.  Danilu and Allison stayed with the largest group.  At the pier Duke and Rob went in while Niel, Dale, Susan and Marta swam to the west end of the buoys at the creek.  When we regrouped at the creek Allison headed for the end of the pier to pick up Sylvia and Bonnie while Danilu accompanied us back along the buoys.  We stopped short of the pier and came in.  
While we were setting up the pot luck Al McVey and Duane and Linda Leib dropped by.  Duane has not been swimming with us since a shoulder injury that he is still dealing with.

We will see Wednesday evening if the water warms up even more.......


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Cheap Jane said...

Zero way for us to join you guys? Looks like good fun, good vibes, good weather.