Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rob and I met up at the beach at about 5:15.  There was enough of a breeze out of the NW to put a chop on the water but no white caps.  The water temperature was 59.  AS we were getting ready Dave VanMouwerik stopped by to say hi.  We started talking about the channel swimming season, the recent successful attempts and failures, and wound up talking right through our swim window.  I was great to get caught up. 

I'll be in San Diego this Sunday and Rob has another (his last of this season) assist on a channel crossing attempt so he is a maybe for out swim on Sunday.   Conditions should be nice  so you all should show up and get in.  If I'm lucky there will be time for me to get in the water at Mission Beach on Sunday.

There is a concert at the Avila Resort at 5PM next Wednesday, 10/3.  The last time this occurred the traffic was horrible for those of us just trying to get to the beach to swim so rob and I are going to give next week's Wednesday evening swim a pass.


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