Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Avila Beach Was Dirty So We Played At The Pismo Pier

Monday's water quality sample for the west side of the Avila Pier was really bad for enteococcus and fecal coliforms , so we decided to play in the surf at the Pismo Pier instead of swimming at Avila Beach.  The County retested at Avila on Tuesday and the numbers were back below the red zone but the new results were not posted on Wednesday by the time we made the call to switch venues.  Rob, Allison Danilu and I just messed around in the mushy surf having fun in the water.  Danilu had her surfboard and Rob, Allison and I shared Rob's two boogie boards.  It was fun to just mess around in the water with no real goal or plan.

Rob has a mount on his boogie board for his GoPro camera got some really cool shots. 

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gear jane said...

Sounds like you really have fun. What did you think about the go Pro that Rob was using?