Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday, September 15, 2012

Avila Beach was a surprise this morning with dense fog hanging over the water.  It was dead calm and the water was almost perfectly flat and 59 degrees.  From the beach the buoy line would come in and out of view as the fog shifted.  The fog was thinning but still coming and going  when Sylvia, Yvonne and Haley got in about 10:45.  This was Haley's first time with us.  She lives in Santa Barbara and was in town visiting family.  They swam left (east) along the buoy line and came back and went under the pier to swim the line on the west  side. The fog was thinning at 11:15 when Rick, Dale and I got in.  We took the same route and swam to the last buoy on the left.  When we stopped at the end of the line the sun was out and Avila Beach was sitting in a huge hole in the fog.  It was beautiful with bright sunshine and perfect swimming conditions.  We decided to do the triangle route and headed to the end of the pier.  On the leg from the end of the pier to the creek we picked up a following swell.  A breeze out of the east had come up so the last leg along the buoys back to the pier was into a small chop.  
We were in the water for a total of 34 minutes and covered about a mile.


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