Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wednesday Evening, September 5, 2012

Kind'a strange conditions due to a tropical storm to the south; scattered clouds, cool or warm depending if the sun was out, humid, a steady breeze blowing from left to right and the water had the liquid metal look it gets when it is bright but cloudy, greenish and shinny.  The water temperature was 60 degrees, sort of.  There was a pod of 5 or so dolphins swimming back and forth between the buoy line and the shore on the left side of the pier.  Rob and I decided to stay on the other side just to avoid and territorial misunderstandings.  We did half of the large triangle, swimming out along the length of the pier to the end, then to the end of the buoy line at the creek and back to the pier.  The water temperature played some serious games with us.  It felt real warm until we reached the buoy line, where the temp. dropped 5+ degrees.  About 200 M short of the buoy at the creek the temperature shot back up and the water tasted more fresh and metallic.  There was another cold spot in the middle of the buoy line just to keep us guessing.  



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