Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

We had 11 swimmers today.  It was overcast, cool and calm while we were getting ready.  The water temperature had fallen to 56.5, which is over 10 degrees below what it was last Wednesday evening and but only a bit below normal for this time of year.  Nobody was too excited about getting in after all of the warm water we had enjoyed in August.  We decided to go down the buoy line to the left end, see how people were feeling and plan the rest of the route from there.  At the buoy Sylvia, Bonnie, Rick, John and Dale decided to swim back along the buoy line while Niel, Rob, Brad, Bo and Amy headed towards the end of the pier.  Allison was accompanying the group and went with the group that went to the end of the pier.  Before we got in the water there had been a very slight breeze out of the east which was now changing to a strengthening wind from the SW, so those of us heading to the end of the pier were working directly into an increasing chop and current.  While we were regrouping at the end of the pier swimmers were drifting east at a pretty good pace.  We continued to the last buoy on the west side of the pier near the mouth of the creek where we met up with John who had swum the length of the buoy line.  We swam back along the buoys, passing Sylvia and Bonnie where heading west to the creek, under the pier and to the buoy on the east side where we had started.  Rob and I came in while Brad, Amy, Bo and John continued to the last buoy on the east side before returning to the pier.  I was swimming for 44 minutes.

Hey, what happened to the 11th swimmer?  After we were back on the beach, Jerry Gross returned form his run and then swam the buoy line for 30+ minutes on his own. 

We will swim tomorrow at 11 with a pot luck lunch afterwards.


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