Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday morning was pretty much like Saturday except the swell had gone down and the water temperature had snuck just into the 40's at 49.5, which doesn't feel any different than 50.

Looking from the Avila Pier to the Cal Poly Pier

and looking the other way towards Fossil Point with Shell Beach in 
the background and Pismo Beach lost in the glare. 
Very nice swimming conditions at 8 that would gain some character by 9. 

Me with my feet wet.

I did three triangles today for 2+ miles and 1:15 in the water. Around the time I began my third triangle the surface had picked up a small chop form the SW with a strong current. There was no wind so maybe this was a precourser to the big swells. It was enough to require more effort and a different pace and breathing 

My Patagonia R3 surf suit is more clunky to swim in than my
tri suit but vastly warmer. Wearing the tri suit I could only stay in half as long at these temperatures. 

I saw Theresa after I got out. She had gotten in at 8:30 an done two laps of the 'buoy line'. 

I'm planning on swimming on Tuesday at 8. Big surf is predicted for Monday/Tuesday. A look at the live video of Avila Beach on will show how swimmable Avila is.



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