Thursday, December 10, 2020

Thursday, December 10, 2020

 I got in at 9 o'clock. Theresa and Grace's stuff was on the beach but I never saw them while swimming.  The surf had gone down some more and was easy to deal with. The air temperature was about 50 and the water was 51 degrees.  I found another variation of the big triangle and did it twice, once in each direction. 

I'll swim at 9 on Saturday and give myself time to first go to the the SLO Farmer's Market.



Hi Niel

I would really appreciate you posting this on the blog in its entirety

Hello there swimming friends!!! 

Im a nurse, Ive been there for you  24/7 since I was 19 years old
I am at home in isolation right now very sick with COVID,  

I would like to thank the people who have been honest and up front about their travel/family/holiday plans, and not come into out of selfish reasons of your own.
Thank you for being honest and forthcoming and RESPONSIBLE  for YOUR behaviour  

Ive been at work every single day since this started.  I am currently at home, on quarantine with an epi pen at my side every singe moment because in addition to all the symptoms everyone is familiar  with, Im having difficulty swallowing and my throat is locking up.  I would really appreciate anyone reading this to read that last sentence to themselves again and wonder what that truly feels like.   Its terrifying   Imagine you as a swimmer not finding air when you breathe and maybe you'll be there with me  It is absolutely terrifying.  Please do not join me in that moment.  I am terrified and you should be too. Believe me on this on, if you had one breath of what i experienced the first time it happened...

If we, as health care providers fall, you ALL fall
I wish you all well. 

And if you're out there swimming, please take a breath and think of me, because I am thinking of you


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