Saturday, November 12, 2022

Saturday, November 12th, 2022

Somebody Turned Off The Water Heater While I Was Gone 

I was back in the water this morning after a 10 day break. It was a perfect morning for swimming with clear blue skies, no wind, flat and glassy water and knee high surf. The hiccup was that in the last 10 days the water temperature has cratered into the low 50's. Off of Fossil Point I measured a water temp of 11°C/51.8°F.  Over the last week Tom toes have been reporting 51° to 52° so he is well calibrated. 
When I got in at 7:40 the air temperature was 38° but the sun felt strong and it was going to warm up nicely. It was in the 50's at 9:30 when I left. 

The Blue Water Task Force numbers at Avila and up San Luis Creek from Thursday morning were high to very high (50X the limit for contact with the water) for bacteria so I planned to stay well away from the creek mouth and the right side of the pier.

I swam to Fossil Point, to the end of the Avila Pier, to the reef buoy and back to the pier.
This was a nice route and one that I have never done before. 

'Normal' winter water temperatures in Avila are in the mid 50's with a drop into the low 50's in the spring when we have offshore winds. Two years ago the water went from 55° to 51° Thanksgiving weekend and didn't pull above 52° until May. Last winter was back to 'normal'. I'm guessing that we are going to have a lot of cold swimming this winter.

Tom and I will be back tomorrow. I'll get in at 11.


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