Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday, November 20th, 2022

 Winter At Avila Beach -

Super clear skies, light winds, no crowds, a clean ocean with no red tide and great visibility in the cold water. 

Tom was getting out when I arrived. I spoke with him as he was getting out. He thought the conditions were the same as yesterday. 
The air temperature was in the upper 60's, the water was 52° (my thermometer said 53°+ but Tom, David and I say 52°) and there was the same short period swell out of the SW that was pushy but not bothersome. It didn't look like much from shore but it grave the water a nice character.
David and I went out to the end of the Avila Pier and did four crossings between the Avila and Cal Poly Piers. We swam to the second crossbars, to a spot on the Avila Pier directly across from us, to the third crossbars and back to the end of the Avila Pier. It turned out to be a nice distance.  

David and Niel at the third crossbars on the CPP.

I expect to be back Tuesday morning at 8.


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