Tuesday, November 1, 2022

November 1st, 2022

It was very fallish in Avila Beach this morning. It was getting light enough to swim at 7AM. There was a light wind. The ocean looked wintery or stormy with a small chop and a lot of swell. The waves are now 3 to 4 feet and are traveling faster and carrying a lot more energy. Even the whitewater wants to push me over.  The air temperature was 49°F and I measured a water temperature of 12.5°C/54.5°F at the end of the Avila Pier.  It didn't feel colder than last week but duck diving through the surf kept me from thinking about the water temperature. My feet are starting to stay cold for the entire swim so that is a sign of entering the lower 50's.  
I swam back and forth to the four buoys on the west side of the pier.
I'm guessing that last weekend was the end of the season for the lifeguards and that the swim line buoys will be coming out later this month.  

I have a meeting Thursday morning and will not be able to swim after. If this meeting becomes a regular thing I am going to need to find another day for my Thursday swim.

I will be back Saturday morning at 7ish. The time changes Sunday so I'll have more daylight for my early morning swims. NO, I will not be showing up at 6. 

As I was leaving I spoke to Tom as he was getting ready to jump in. If he texts' me I'll post his comments:   

Beautiful swimming this morning. Definitely fall conditions – my toes had 54°. Crisp, blue skies, scattered clouds. Decent swell, with a bump on top.  

If you missed this: Katie Ledecky broke the world record for the short course 1500M by 10 seconds. 


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