Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022

The Word For Today Was:

Stimulating?  Invigorating?  Inspiring? Shocking?........or

It was obsoletely beautiful in Avila Beach this morning except at 7:30 the air temperature was 32°F Only 19 degrees less than the water.  Everything else was the same, clear water, a swell out of the SW. Getting in didn't seem too bad. I sure didn't linger once I got out of my car. I already had my wetsuit on, just grabbed my cap and goggles, kicked off my Uggs and in my haste almost locked myself out of my car. Not being able to get to my stuff and my swim and dry off would have been too much extra fun.     

I did the Big Triangle, which can be close to 2000M if you get the corners in the right places.  

I had some trouble with my wetsuit. I didn't get it on right and the inner collar kept coming out letting water in. 
Unfortunately, I've got a bad rub on the back of my neck and will need to site out for a week (?) until it heals.  

I saw Tom parking as I was leaving. He sent this swim report:  

Solid 51 in the water today! Significantly, smaller bump, though. Beautiful day, beautiful swim. Oh, whenever you make those brownies, if you're willing to share, I would love to have one. :-)
(I had a box of brownie mix on the front seat) Tom probably needs the extra calories more than I do so I'll oblige him. 



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