Tuesday, September 8, 2020

September 8, 2020

What a difference two days made. Sunday was super hot and clear, Tuesday was overcast, foggy, windy, choppy and smokey with larger, 3'+, waves. The water was still very clear but the yucky skys made it look brown. We couldn't smell any smoke but ash was falling steadily.  The breeze was blowing from left to right, almost parallel to the beach, which is really strange for Avila Beach, and it was driving a 1'+ chop. The water temperature was 15.5°C/59.9°F but felt a degree or two colder due to the lack of sunshine. 

Teresa and I decided to do the Tom's T; back and forth along the full buoy line with a detour out and around the pier each time buy.  We swam out, under the pier and west to the last buoy at the creek. Teresa is faster than I am and we didn't stay together. It was not too bouncy on the lee side of the pier but the swim in along the pier's east side was rough and had me thinking about what the leg out the buoy line would be like. That leg was work but not bad. I avoided sighting along the buoy line because lifting my head up just got me a view of the water and a mouth full, so I navigated by tracking my progress along the beach each time I breathed on that side. Returning was fun and back along the length of the pier was messy but just as I was starting to feel spent the wind dropped and the last half mile was in glassy water.  

Teresa and I getting in. That is a big rip in Teresa's wetsuit. That is her intermediate wetsuit for when the water is too cold to go without but not cold enough to wear her good one.

Me at the last buoy on the east side.

I'll be back on Thursday at 9:00.


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